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December, 2014


Attending AACF at UCLA starting in 1988 influenced my spiritual life in a significant way.  As adviser, Melanie led us, a group of college students, in maturing our faith.  I had the opportunity to serve on core under Melanie’s care.  Decades have passed now.  Melanie and I continue to keep in touch.  Her dedication and desire to build up student leaders in furthering the kingdom of God continues.  She takes time to disciple and hold retreats and leadership trainings for students.  I appreciate her friendship and her love for the Lord. 


Janine Ho, UCLA AACF Alumni

October, 2014
Melanie is the administrative backbone for AACF.  She trains student leaders from every AACF campus each year in ministry budgeting and finances, and she also provides national staff administrative support.  Her experience (over twenty years) with AACF further enables her to serve on the Leadership Team with vision and perspective.  When you support Melanie, you partner to move the mission of AACF forward at all levels! 
Dana Chau, UCD alumni/former AACF Campus Minister, currently serving at BACBC
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