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Become part of Melanie's team...

The Bible notes that a worker is due their wages. In order for Melanie to receive a salary and reimbursable expenses for doing the work of ministry, AACF requires her to support-raise for those funds. 


If you would like to give to her work and service, please refer to one of TWO options for giving for a tax-deduction.  


1.  Give Electronically.  Visit,  AACF's parent organization's website. There you can find the different ways to give.   


2.  The simplest way to give is by mailing a check payable to JEMS/AACF and sending it to the address to the right.  Please only include Melanie's account number (34420) in the check's memo. Any reference to her name will not be tax-deductible. 


Melanie also needs team members who will pray regularly and faithfully for her.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to give to enable Melanie to be affirmed for her work as a campus minister. 

How to give:

Address for Credit Cards


Address for Checks:


948 E. 2nd St.

Los Angeles, CA  90012

Acct #:  34420


Partner in prayer:

Go to the "More" button and fill out CONTACT

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