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About Melanie  


In 1983, Melanie married former AACF UCLA/Stanford alumni, Bruce Chow and together they sensed God's call for them to serve together wherever God directed. When Bruce was invited to serve on the JEMS Board of Directors as the liaison to JEMS Campus Ministries Division, AACF, doors opened for Melanie to pray how to be involved.


As she learned more from then director, Rich Hong, his invitation had the Chows visit an AACF conference to support the campus ministry staff team.  Though the conference challenge was for students to become leaders, Melanie clearly heard God calling her to serve.  She began volunteering in the AACF office to help establish an alumni donor listing, going to the JEMS office several times a week to wait out the long commute of her 9-5 Westside Insurance job.  However, as God is sometimes persistent, the call to serve AACF lead to a completed application and part-time paid service.  She also completed her MDiv from Fuller Seminary while serving in AACF while co-directing AACF.   


When the MDiv was completed she was called to serve on the AACF Leadership Team under then director Tommy Dyo.  From 1992 to 2005, she worked to support AACF's ministries, campus ministers and student leaders.   In 2005, when Tommy was called to another ministry, she and the Leadership Team continued to lead the ministry as the interim director team.  She learned the value of collaborative ministry from her abilities in networking. 


In 2004, God opened the doors for confirmation and affirmation of her many years of service by having her home church, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, move to ordain her and then secund her to serve AACF full-time.  


God has also called the Chows to various places for the work of missions, including trips to Japan and South America.  She however considers a China trip as one of God's best trips for her life.   (Photo left courtesy of Rev. Dr. Ken Fong)

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