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Welcome to Melanie's Page

Melanie Mar Chow (pictured center) has lots of love!  


She serves Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF).  Since Fall, 1987, she has served students on the campuses of UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona and now USC, she is best known for serving the entire ministry of AACF as a key administrator since 1992 as well and holding various positions in AACFs  national leadership.  She has been sent by her church, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, as an ordained/secunded member of that church. 


Melanie is passionate about collaboration, administration, leadership development and discipleship.   She is prayerfully asking God to raise a new generation of Asian American students and campus ministers who will bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to their campuses.  She is always amazed of the quality God brings to AACF in student leaders that love Him and love His people.  She loves that God uses her as a "diamond in the rough."   


Please consider this website and its content as part of a larger invitation to join and be a part of Melanie’s team.


May you, the reader, consider participation in this team that helps provide prayer, finances, and partnership in service as God continues to use Melanie.



AACF tenure

- 1977-80 Univ. of Washington student leader

- 1987 - AACF Campus Minister volunteer

- 1990 - AACF Paid Campus Minister - UCLA

- 1992 - AACF Leadership Team 

- 1994-2005 AACF Leadership Team

 SoCal Regional Co-Director

- 2005 - 2012 AACF Leadership Team

 Staff & Candidate Administration/USC

- 2012 to current AACF Leadership Team

AACF Administration/Organizational Improvement Team (OIT)


1980    BA Psychology, Seattle, WA

              University of Washington

1993    Master of Divinity (MDiv), Pasadena, CA

              Fuller Theological Seminary,


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